The Referral Booster is the Most Effective and Affordable Chiropractic Advertising or Marketing you can do in Your Established Practice

Looking to market your practice? The absolute first thing you should do is the Referral Booster!  It is easy, affordable and the most successful Chiropractic Marketing program you will ever do.  Do this before postcards, SEO, newspaper ads, even newsletters!

The Referral Booster is an internal marketing system that educates your patients on different conditions and ailments you treat, incentives them to refer, and provides them the tools they need to refer.  In short the Referral Booster is a structured referral program that employs your existing patients to refer their friends and family. The Referral Booster has been developed and fine tuned over many years.  Starting in 2008 it has always been a profit producing marketing program for chiropractor, but today it is the first and most effective marketing tool any chiropractor should do.

The easiest way to grow your practice is through referrals. But don’t expect patients to remember to refer. The Referral Booster by JustUs Chiropractic Marketing will significantly increase your referrals by highlighting ailments to help suggest who to refer, providing a creative incentive for your patients to refer and an incentive for new patients to visit your practice! It is normal for our clients to see returns of 100-to-1 (ROI) from our Referral Booster.

What’s Included With The Referral Booster

The referral booster includes all the components necessary for a successful campaign. The most valuable aspect of the campaign is the system, strategy and proven copyrighting and designs. You will receive access and rights to use our proven designs and copy. We provide you with the design printed in office promotional materials and referral cards. You’ll receive a complete step by step guide and coaching for you and your staff that covers how to successfully implement the Referral Booster Strategy.

Choose from:

  • Single Campaign (one time campaign) – $399 one time fee
  • Quarterly Campaign (4 different campaigns per year) – $97/month for 1 year
  • Every Other Month Campaign (6 different campaigns per year) – $150/month for 1 year
  • Monthly Campaign (12 different campaigns per year) – $199/month for 1 year

You can add additional tools to any referral booster.  Money Back Guarantee on all annual referral boosters.  Call 360-326-8896 for details.

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