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Chiropractic Referral Booster

The Referral Booster is the most affordable and effective Chiropractic marketing program EVER! Before you spend thousands on SEO, Newspaper ads, Radio, TV or newsletters, you can get better and faster results for only $97 per month with this simple structured referral program! It’s easy to get more patients like your best patients with the Referral Booster! Most chiropractic practices focus so much on getting new patients that they overlook retaining existing patients and asking for referrals. To retain an existing patient and get them to refer is far easier and less expensive than getting a new patient. Your best patients, when correctly prompted, will refer new patients just like them.

“Over 30 new patients in my first month from the Referral Booster” – Dr. Tye

If you have an established practice with 100+ patients, a structured referral program is a MUST for your practice. A structured referral program does NOT require you to constantly beat up your patients for referrals. Quite the opposite, you will simply motivate and employ your patients to refer by educating them on the different types of people to refer and various ailments and conditions you treat in fun in office manner.

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The Referral Booster provides your existing patients education so they are more aware of the type of ailments and conditions you treat. No matter how much in office education you try and implement your patients still don’t realize all the different ways you can help them or their friends. For example; many practices witness long-term patients going to an “Auto Injury Clinic” after an accident. Providing more real life scenarios and specific conditions helps your patients relate and truly understand how you can help them and whom they can refer. It significantly helps to inform your patients of different lifestyles or activities that you can help and to refer. For instance, refer someone who does yoga, has Sports Injuries, someone who sits behind a desk during the day, a runner or athlete, CrossFitter, someone constantly fighting back pain, or someone always taking pain meds and so on are specific examples.

“The Referral Booster brings in more new patients than any other marketing” – Dr. Dawson

JustUs Chiropractic Marketing Money TreeMaking your referral programs fun and random increase results. Many practices have a standing referral program that is always going, never changes, and never really does very well. To get the best results, a Referral Campaign needs to have a sense of urgency, deadline, and have a fun theme or around an event. The opportunities are endless! We suggest implementing your referral program either one month per quarter, one week per month, or randomly around different events. This keeps the referral campaign fresh, exciting, and creates a sense of urgency to get your patients to refer before the campaign expires.

“The Referral Booster is the most Effective & Affordable Chiropractic Marketing you can do for your practice”

The Referral Booster also highlights an incentive to your existing patients to motivate them to refer while also offering a new patient special. Many practices are concerned with the option of “employing” or buying referrals. In many states it is not legal to give anything in exchange for a referral. We adjust all incentives to comply with your states laws and regulations. We have many other great options such as enter to win, random picks and creative ways to motivate your patients to refer.

“Simple to use, creative, fun, extremely effective, and continues to work year after year! The Referral Booster is awesome!” – Dr. Lew

Providing a motivator to get your patients to refer is the first step while the next is to have a new patient offer. This new patient offer (with expiration) provides your patients (those doing the referring) an easy way to encourage their friends or family to come into your practice right away. Having a new patient offer significantly increases the results as the referring patients are more likely to refer a friend or family and encourage them to take advantage of the offer right away. Having an expiration on the offer to the new patient also creates a sense of urgency.

We have hundreds of creative and different Referral Booster campaigns to help your practice. They range from seasonal, weight loss, holidays, Massage, Ailments, conditional and so much more. We are always creating new ones and adding them regularly.



The Referral Booster works so well we back it up with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! You truly have nothing to lose!

What’s included in the Referral Booster

The Referral Booster is a turnkey referral program that includes the following components:

  • Research of your practice
  • Recommended campaigns
  • Customized strategic designs to resemble your practice
  • Oversized 24×36” posters designed, printed and shipped to you that inform your patients about the Referral Campaign
  • Large 11×17 posters with the same message as the large posters
  • Referral cards or Postcards highlighting a new patient offer & information about your practice.
  • Coaching of you and your team on how to best implement the campaign
  • Money Back Guarantee

To View and download the Referral Booster Instruction Sheet, CLICK HERE!

To View and download the Referral Booster Informational Sheet, CLICK HERE!

Movie & Popcorn Referral Booster

Missing Out Referral Booster

Share & Tell Referral Booster

Family Tree Referral Booster

Did You Know Referral Booster

Healthy Spine Referral Booster

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How much is the Referral Booster:

  • Quarterly Campaigns: $149/month Now Only $97/month
  • Every Other Month Campaign: $299/month Now Only $150/month
  • Single Campaigns: $599/month Now Only $399 onetime fee

3 Easy Options to Start Boosting your Referrals Today!! 

You have several easy options available to start boosting you referrals.

  1. Click the BOOST MY PRACTICE Button to schedule a time to discuss adding the Referral Booster to your practice.
  2. You can view and select from our large catalog of REFERRAL BOOSTER designs from our Online Print Store. Simply select a template Referral Booster you like, buy it online and we will customize it to your practice, print it and send it to you. CLICK HERE to go to the Referral Booster online print store.
  3. Select a seasonal Referral Booster from our Design Online Page and you can design it online for FREE, and purchase it right from the site. We will review it, print and ship it to you.
  4. Give us a call at 360-326-8896, Live Chat or email Info@JustusChiropracticMarketing.com and we will go over options, confirm if this is the right campaign for you and if so, get you started!


Educational Posters

In the off periods when you are not implementing a Referral Booster, we recommend rotating different fun and attractive EDUCATIONAL POSTERS.

These include ailment specific posters that identify with specific ailments you treat. In addition more specific types of people you treat and motivational posters. This continues the educational process to your patients, gets them to look for what’s new on your walls,  allows the referral campaign to rest, you patient notice when something is different and keeps the office fun and productive.

We have many to choose from, and you can purchase individual ones from our online store for only $75 each which includes custom design and printing of on a large 24×36 poster HERE or you can purchase a package of 12 for only $599. CLICK HERE to order a complete package of 12 different 24×26 oversized Educational posters for only $599 which includes Custom Design & Printing. Yes we can modify any poster to reflect your colors, message or change copy/content.

Neuropathy Educational Poster

Back Pain Educational Poster

Allergy Educational Poster

Fibromyalgia Educational Poster


Let’s Do This!

Take your practice to the next level with JustUs Chiropractic Marketing! In order for us to be prepared for our first conversation, please fill out our inquiry form in as much detail as possible.

Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcards