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Chiropractic Marketing That Gets Results… Guaranteed!

If you are looking to grow your practice, you are at the right place! At Justus Chiropractic Marketing, we have perfected the marketing campaigns and materials we offer to a point that we are able to GUARANTEE RESULTS. Working with JustUs assures your marketing dollars are an investment and not an expense because we remove the risk thanks to our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!*

Since only 7% of Americans have ever been to a Chiropractor, that leaves 93% of the population unaware of how you as a chiropractor can help them. This requires a different approach in chiropractic marketing compared to other more well-known industries. The Chiropractic Marketing Products and Services we offer are all tested, proven and GUARANTEED to produce the highest results. Our goal is for you to earn at least $10 for every $1 you invest in your marketing. (10-to-1 Return On Investment)

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Many Great Chiropractic Marketing Options

If you are looking for New Patients we offer many solutions:

Auto Accident Marketing

chiropractic marketing, special offers, chiropractic postcards, chiropractic posters, valentinesThis is a turn key auto accident marketing campaign that provides guaranteed new PI patients each month.


Chiropractic Postcards

chiropractic marketing, special offers, chiropractic postcards, chiropractic posters, valentinesWe have many different types of chiropractic postcards to help your practice. We will customize any postcard for FREE!


Appointment Setting

chiropractic marketing, pi telemarketing, personal injury telemarketing, pi calling, personal injury marketingWe call people in auto accidents and set appointments directly with your practice. A great campaign that comes with GUARANTEED RESULTS!


Targeted LIsts

chiropractic marketing targeted list postcard mailingTargeted Lists of people in pain, who have specific ailments / conditions / symptoms or even people interested in weight loss, in recent auto accidents, or have headaches, back pain, knee pain, etc…


Online Marketing & SEO

chiropractic marketing online marketing seo search engine optimizationGetting on the first page of Google is great! We offer SEO and Online Marketing that increase your websites organic search ranking and keeps your website producing new patients.


Personal Injury Marketing

Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcardsA wonderful and proven system to build long term referrals from other auto accident professionals including PI attorneys, auto body shops, Insurance Agents, towing companies, MD’s, and many more.


Increase New Patient Referrals

chiropractic marketing, special offers, chiropractic postcards, chiropractic posters, valentinesAll of our External Marketing is focused on New Patients, but we offer a specific New Patient Marketing Campaign that reaches out to people with ailments and conditions.


To get more out of your Existing Practice we have the answer to:

Reactivate Past Patients

chiropractic marketing, special offers, chiropractic postcards, chiropractic posters, valentinesReactivate your past or inactive patients. We offer turn key campaigns, do it yourself (DIY) products, reactivation calling campaigns.


Retain Existing Patients

chiropractic marekting retentionIt’s easier to retain patients, increase their visits and get them to refer than it is to get a new patient.


Educate Existing Patients

chiropractic marketing educational posters print materialsEducate your patients with specific ailments you treat. Educational print materials continues hte educational process for your patients and gets them to interact with your practice.


Insurance Reminders

chiropractic marketing insurance reminder postcardsWe have been working diligently to create tried and true insurance reminders that help educate your patients on how to double up on insurance benefits before the new year.


Recall & Missed Appointments

chiropractic marketing insurance reminder postcardsEvery practice should have recall postcards on hand to reschedule patients who missed an appointment or remind them it’s time to schedule a new appointment.


Announce New Location or Practice

chiropractic postcards moving new location new practicePerfect if you are moving locations, opening a new location, taking over a practice or reaching out and welcoming people who recently moved into the area.


Online Print Store

If you are looking for Chiropractic Print Materials, Chiropractic Postcards, Weight Loss, Massage, Decompression, Laser Therapy, Marketing in Spanish, Education Materials, logos and much more, check out the hundreds of different options in the ONLINE STORE.

You can view samples, then when you click on one you like you can view an enlarged version of the front and back.

Don’t worry if you see something you like but would like some changes… We will customize any design to your practice for FREE.

Yes we can change anything or mix and match backs, change images, text, colors… whatever you need. Once you find a design you like, select size, quantity and shipping method to view pricing and order online.

We offer two different shipping methods:

  1. Ship directly to you
  2. We mail for you (Full service mailing)

The advantage of us mailing for you is that we can run your mailing list through the National Change of Address Database to update addresses AND we can mail bulk rate so a normal 49 cent stamp will only cost you 29 cents when we mail.

We also offer Every Door Direct Mail options where you can choose to have us Design, Print and Ship directly to you or we can process them for you and save you money! Our EDDM options are 6.5×8 and any design you see can be designed and purchased for EDDM. The cost for JustUs Mailing for you will be determined after you make your print order and we know specifics about your mailing list.

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