Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcards
Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcards
Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcards

Chiropractic Marketing with Guaranteed Results

At Justus Chiropractic Marketing, we have perfected the marketing campaigns and materials we offer to a point that we are able to guarantee their results! Working with us assures your marketing dollars are an investment and not an expense because we remove the risk thanks to our Money Back Guarantee*! Our most popular campaigns include Auto Accident Marketing, Referral Booster, Reactivation Campaigns, Chiropractic Postcards.

Since only 7% of Americans have ever been to a Chiropractor, that leaves 93% of the population unaware of how you as a chiropractor can help them. This means a different approach is required in chiropractic marketing compared to other more well-known industries. The Chiropractic Marketing Products and Services we offer are all tested, proven and GUARANTEED to produce the highest results. Our Goal is for you to earn at least $10 for every $1 you invest in your Marketing. (10-to-1 Return On Investment).

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Internal Marketing: Marketing To Existing Patients

At JustUs Chiropractic Marketing we approach marketing from all angles. For an established practice, internal marketing (marketing to existing patients) is the first place to start. Compared to just focusing on gaining new patients, it is less expensive, easier, and more effective to retain your existing patients longer, increase Patient Visit Average (PVA), educate your patients, get your patients referring more, reactivate past patients and to sell your patients on other products and services you offer.

We offer Internal marketing programs to help you no matter what area you want/need to focus. If you want it all done for you we offer turnkey campaigns, or if you are a do it your self practice you can pick and choose designs or what you want us to do and what you want to do.

If you have an established practice increasing referrals, reactivating past patients and retaining existing while educating them and getting them to buy other services is the first place to start with your internal marketing.

REFERRAL BOOSTER: This is a proven and very effective structured referral campaign unlike anything you have seen. Many practices see 20+ Referrals with their first campaign! It provides your patients education while equipping them and employing them to refer their friends and family. Only $97/month and comes with a Money Back Guarantee! We provide everything from the creative, materials, even coaching of your team. To get started or learn more click here.

REACTIVATION: There are two different ways to approach Reactivation. You can purchase a reactivation postcards on your own, or you can opt for a turnkey reactivation campaign. The campaign includes research on your practice, taking your patient list and cleaning it up and updating addresses, five points of contact to each patient including four postcards and an individual phone call inviting them back to your practice. Many practices see 50+ patients return to their practice from this campaign.  If each patient has an annual billing of $1500 that equates to $75,000+ of income that is sitting in your inactive files!  Reactivation campaigns start at only $399 per month. Click here to get started or learn more.

RETENTION: While it has become popular to email newsletters or put posts on your Facebook page, these things really don’t help increase retention because over 90% of your patients don’t look at these. The best way to keep in touch with your patients, let them know about your referral campaigns, announce new products, educate and keep them coming back is through a simply postcard. We customize it to your practice, provide content, update your patient list and mail it for you. You can opt to have us design and print the card and you send them out, or we can do it all for you and save you money! Click here to get started or earn more.

External Marketing: Marketing To New Patients

External marketing is the most popular type of marketing among doctors. This is the process of reaching out and attaining new patients from the community around you. It can be difficult for a chiropractic office to navigate through all the options out there like radio, billboard, shopping carts, adwords, postcards, TV, Newspaper, screenings,  and so on. The most popular mistake chiropractors make when it comes to external marketing is they spread their net too wide meaning they don’t fine tune their marketing to target the people who are going to most likely become patients.

As a full service firm we provide all the marketing solutions above and more, but we also know what works the best! What produces the best immediate results in external marketing is not only reaching those who live or work close to your office but also reaching those who have a means to pay for care, are in pain or need your services, and meet other types of criteria. We provide great external marketing solutions to flood your office with new patients.

Too add new patients and increase your bottom line with External Marketing:

  • Auto Accident Marketing: The Secret Weapon is a turnkey campaign that guarantees new PI patients into your practice.. We schedule people directly with your practice who were in a recent auto accident.  We get them to your practice and you treat them! If you prefer we also offer several Do It Your Self options for Auto Accident Marketing including Postcards, Auto accident lists, Coaching, Phone Scripts, and more. Click here to learn more.

  • PI Referrals from MD’s, PI Attorneys, Insurance Agents and More: PI Referrals are great, especially when they are constantly coming in. We have a proven system that you can choose the campaign or individual components to gain and maintain constant PI referrals from different industries including auto body shops, towing companies, MD’s, PI Attorneys, Insurance agents and many more. Click here to learn more.

  • New Patient Campaigns: For new patients we have a system that simply works! Marketing to people who live or work around your practice, have the means for care, and need your care. We can get lists of people who are have specific ailments or conditions like headaches/migraines, back pain, and others or we can simply target those who have a specific income. People who live or work around you are most likely to become good patients. We reach them through chiropractic postcard direct mail and can also call and set up appointments directly with your practice! An incredible way to grow your practice and be the practice people know and recognize. You can choose to do postcards on your own, Every Door Direct Mail or sit back and let us do it for you and Guaranteed NEW PATIENTS! Call or click here to learn more or get started.

  • First page on Google: To be seen by people going on Google looking for a chiropractor, we offer a turnkey and very affordable way to get o the first page of Google. You can also choose Facebook and Retargeting ads (Reach people after they have been to your website).

As with our internal marketing programs, our external is offered in turn key campaigns or do it yourself options. Turn key new patient campaigns are offered with a Money Back Guarantee!

Chiropractic Print Marketing Materials That Work!  

We have thousands of print material marketing pieces we have created over the past 10+ years. These include postcards, referral programs, reactivation, personal injury postcards, educational posters, PI marketing materials, brochures, fliers, and much more! In order for these to be effective and produce incredible results, each design has components specific to chiropractic marketing that allow us to offer guaranteed results. We have countless hours and an enormous amount of money invested in the intellectual property strategically reflected in our designs. The investment is made up of creative strategy, copywriting, testing, artists work, modifying and production. As a result we have always kept our designs safe from being copied/stolen, off the internet and locked up tight in our vault until a doctor signs an agreement. That is until now.. we have recently opened up the vault and made our designs accessible to view online, to buy online, and to even customize online!

Our design team is continuing to create proven designs daily to add more designs and update that portion of the site so it is more user friendly. Please note that each design should be approached as a skeleton design in which your office “Brand” will be added to the design. This includes colors, text, pictures, testimonials, font, offer, even layout can all be customized to accurately reflect your practice.

NOTE: We are continuing to add to the online print Chiropractic marketing materials store. We are working to make the online designs accessible immediately and fine tune it to be more user friendly. Thank you for bearing with us as we continue the progress.

*Money Back Guarantee is not available for all products, and has specific requirements and stipulations. Call For details.

Learn More About Chiropractic Marketing

To learn about different ways to grow your practice, simply select an option you are interested in from the products and services tab. Be sure to look at our marketing tips, check out the special offers page and sign up to receive a discount on your first campaign!

Our Website allows you to not only learn about and sign up for Chiropractic Marketing, but you can also view, buy, and even design postcards and different printed marketing materials online for FREE! Different print products including Referral Boosters, Chiropractic Postcards, Personal Injury postcards, Reactivation Postcards, Personal Injury Marketing Materials, Educational Material, and many other print materials are available to view, buy online,  and you can choose from custom design, or FREE online Design. To go directly to the Print Products Online Store, CLICK HERE.

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To get started growing your practice, please sign up for a FREE CHIROPRACTIC MARKETING ASSESSMENT. During your Free Chiropractic Marketing Assessment we will gather necessary information about your practice, the direction you want to take it and advise you on the right products and services to help you get there even if it isn’t working with directly JustUs Chiropractic Marketing. Sign Up for a FREE 1 hour Chiropractic Marketing Assessment and learn how to quickly grow your practice and learn about the most effective Chiropractic Marketing products and services.

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Dr. Justin McCormick

January 21, 2016

I just wanted to say I am very impressed and overwhelmed by our success with the Auto Accident Marketing Campaign.

Dr. F

November 8, 2015

I am interested in your auto accident marketing and your new patient marketing. How does it work?

John Prepula – JustUs Chiropractic Marketing

November 9, 2015

Dr. F, thank you for stopping by. Our Auto accident marketing varies depending on the area you are in, but if we are able, we do direct mail and appointment setting to a set group of accidents for a flat fee. We provide you a minimum guarantee of new patients for that flat fee. If we refer in more than the minimum there is no additional cost to you. This campaign starts at $700 (plus the cost of the accident reports). For new Patient Marketing, our most popular campaign starts with getting a list of people who suffer from specific ailments, conditions, and symptoms. Next we reach this list via custom designed ailment postcards and direct them to call you or go to your landing page. We increase the results of this campaign by following up the postcard with appointment setting in which we call and setup the prospective patients directly with your practice. We provide guaranteed results and guarantee results for new patient mailing as well. An entry level campaign starts at $650/month for the mailing, the list is a onetime fee that starts at $350, and appointment setting starts at $500 for a minimum guarantee of at least 3 new patients. Call me at 360-326-8896 and we can discuss more specifics and other pricing options.

Dr. Archer

Kansas City | June 5, 2015

Just wanted you to know I appreciate working with you guys! I am now going on year three working with JustUs Chiropractic Marketing and our results get better each year. You are an integral part of our practices success!

Jamie E.

Boise, ID | April 24, 2015

Wow, I didn’t know you did so much more than just Personal Injury Marketing. I am excited to work with you on your other chiropractic marketing.

Dr. Russel

April 18, 2015

I’ve been doing your personal injury to auto accidents and it is working great. What marketing do you suggest to help the rest (non pi side) of my practice? I would like to see an additional 10 new patients and have about $1500 to spend per month.

John Prepula – JustUs Chiropractic Marketing

April 20, 2015

Dr. Russel, I am happy to hear the PI Marketing is working well for you. Based on your need for 10 new patients for $1500, we can send out postcards to a list of people who have specific ailment / conditions like headaches, back pain, knee pain, sciatica, or other ailments you want to target. We could throw in the Referral Booster and we will still be under your budget and I’m confident you will see more than 10 new patients per month! I’ll send you over a proposal outlining all the details.

Bryan W.

February 2, 2015

Thank you so much! I’m getting great results working with you guys.

Dr. Gordon F.

Body In Balance | October 13, 2014

I have to say it has been great working with JustUs! We are doing the Secret Weapon and seeing at least five good patients each month. This is part of a package doing the referrals, reactivation and postcards. Overall we average over 20 new patients each month. I’ve used other companies in the past with pitiful results. JustUs Mktg will treat you right and get you results!

Julie M

Lifestyle Chiropractic | July 7, 2014

I requested additional information and was surprised they wouldn’t send me samples without an agreement.  I waited but eventually decided to go for it since all they wanted was my credit card and promised to refund me if I didn’t like my design.  I figured I could do a charge back worst case.  I really had nothing to worry about.  They have awesome designs like no others out there.  I understand why they don’t want them published and shared all over.  They totally customized it to my practice and made sure I loved my design before it went to print.  I’m getting great results and now working with John on a new postcard and a recall  card.

Dr. Harty

Village Chiropractic | June 30, 2014

I used JustUs years ago when they did a different type of PI marketing it worked out ok.  I started working with them again and WOW have they changed for the better!  The Guaranteed new patients is great because it takes away the worry of not getting your return.  Sure there are good and slow months, but overall they take care of us!  If we don’t get our minimum we don’t pay!  More than fair if you ask me.  There are always hiccups in any business relationship, but they are helpful and really do work hard for us.

Bob A

Sacramento, CA | June 22, 2014

I’ve been working with JustUs Chiropractic for several years now. They are awesome and provide great results. They have had hiccups, but make it right every time!

Tom G

Dallas, Texas | June 7, 2014

They are great to work with! They respond very quickly and actually care about your input!

Francis M

St. Paul, Minnesota | June 1, 2014

Hey, does anyone have experience with this group? I’ve heard of them but never used…

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Chiropractic advertising, chiropractic marketing, chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, direct mailing, personal injury marketing, pi telemarketing, chiropractic birthday cards, chiropractic seo, chiropractic print store, new patient postcards

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