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Chiropractic Personal Injury Postcards – Accident Behind You – FREE Design

Purchase your design & we'll change EVERYTHING for FREE!

Includes logo, text, images, colors, offers and more! Then we'll ship it to your or mail it for you.

chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, new patient postcards
chiropractic postcards, reactivation postcards, recall postcards, new patient postcards

Chiropractic Personal Injury Postcards – Accident Behind You – FREE Design

Please note, price includes custom design, printing and initial proofs with two revisions.

We will contact you within four business hours to confirm any needed changes you might have. This includes but is not limited to headlines, content about practice, map of practice, colors to better suit practice and more.


Total fee includes custom design, printing and initial proofs with two revisions.

Our Chiropractic Postcards are strategically laid out with specific elements and created after countless hours of testing and perfecting each postcard to assure you get the best results possible. You can mail these postcards to people in recent auto accidents, people who live around your practice, other auto accident professionals, or opt for these postcards to be used as a postcard handout. However you choose to use your postcard we will tailor it specifically it to your practice and need.

You can choose this Chiropractic Postcard in a variety of sizes ranging from:

  • 4×6 postcards
  • 5.5×8.5 postcards
  • 6.5×8 postcards
  • 6×11 postcards
  • 8.5×11 postcards

We will print your postcard on heavy, glossy 14 pt card stock that is full color on both sides, and has UV coating on the front to stand out and protect it from the elements.  We do offer additional sizes and finish options, but not available to buy online.

If you have questions or would like to know about additional options, please call us at 360-326-8896 or email us at info@justuschiropracticmarketing.com or use our online chat feature available during business hours.

Chiropractic Personal Injury Postcard Pricing:

Quantity 4×6 Postcards 5.5×8.5 Postcards 6.5×8 Postcards 6×11 Postcards 8.5×11 Postcards
500 Postcards $234 $355 NA $436 $505
1,000 Postcards $246 $388 $442 $472 $565
2,500 Postcards $324 $514 $717 $661 $823
5,000 Postcards $432 $709 $883 $970 $1,186
10,000 Postcards $705 $1,228 $1,540 $1,765 $2,194


When creating a marketing piece we provide much more than graphic design. We provide expertise in layout, copy and necessities for successful chiropractic marketing. Our years of expending time and money in discovering what works in chiropractic marketing will ensure you have a successful Postcard. Our marketing materials have immense value way beyond the cost of design.

In order for us to provide you an effective marketing piece that meets your expectations, there are necessary components we need from you prior to starting your design. (Please see Design Checklist Tab)

Advantages to have JustUs design for you:

  • Expertise on strategy
  • Expertise on copy writing (if you need/want text changed)
  • Text effects (such as drop shadows, outlines, gradients, fades, etc…)
  • Image cropping and image cut outs
  • Custom map creations
  • Custom background images (backgrounds are not changeable for free online designs)

Shipping and Handling and Sales Tax (WA State Residents only) is calculated and added at Check out.

In order to assure you the best results we will tailor your postcard to your practice, area and goals.  We take the “Skelton” of the card above and customize it using your specific information.  Below is a checklist of items that we will ask from you after you order your card to aid in the design process.  Once we have the information from you we Design Typically takes only 1-2 business days.

  • Contact Information (Phone number(s), email address, website, etc…)
  • What differentiates your practice or style of care from your competition (hours, location, techniques, technology, equipment, etc…)
  • Any Bios or Background Information on you or your staff members
  • Testimonials from Clients or Patients (if you have any actual photos to accompany the testimonials, please provide a large, high resolution, 300 d.p.i. .jpg, .png, .psd)
  • Special Offers to Patient (Service or treatment, special price & regular price)
  • Special Terms or Conditions related to special offer including deadline
  • Additional information about you, your staff and the services you provide
  • Your Logo (please provide either a large, high resolution .jpg, .png, .psd or a vector version)
  • Your Photo or Staff Photo (if desired…please provide a large, high resolution, 300 d.p.i. .jpg, .png, .psd)
  • Preferred Colors (for example utilizing colors from your existing website)

You will always receive a final proof and approval before we print your postcard.

We offer two different shipping methods:

  1. Ship directly to you
  2. We mail for you (Full Service Mailing)

The advantage of us mailing for you is that we can run your mailing list through the National Change of Address Database to update addresses AND we can mail bulk rate so a normal 49 cent stamp will only cost you 29 cents when we mail.

We also offer Every Door Direct Mail options where you can choose to have us Design, Print and Ship directly to you or we can process them for you and save you money! Our EDDM options are 6.5×8 and any design you see can be designed and purchased for EDDM.

IMPORTANT: The cost for ‘Full Service Mailing’ will be determined after you make your print order and we know specifics about your mailing list. We will contact you shortly after initial purchase for further information regarding this. There will be a few variables that will contribute to the added price including postage, mailing fee, and/or ailment list.

Call (360) 326-8896 or use our LIVE CHAT to learn more.

  1. To order, select the size you desire. Larger cards are slightly more expensive but do capture attention which translates to better results.
  2. Next select the quantity you would like to order. (Note: the price for printing shows up in the total section as soon as you select shipping.) We print on large Press printers and are able to provide very high quality printing at very low prices. There is a very minimal difference in price between printing 500 and 1000 when you calculate the cost per card.
  3. The third step is to select how you would like this project mailed/shipped.
    • Have your order shipped to you via USPS (Ship To Me). Shipping and handling will be added during checkout.
    • Mail the postcards to your patient list, ailment list or people in recent auto accidents (Full Service Mailing) and we will contact you within a few business hours to go over pricing. Ailment lists start at $400. Neighborhood Mailing lists start at $25. This will be collected after the purchase of your postcard.
  4. Proceed to check out and fill in the needed information, accept the terms & conditions then click place order.

Having us mail for you saves you time and money! We do it all for you and rates for postage are less than if you do it yourself. Postage for mailing to your patients or to an ailment list is only 29 cents each. Postage for Neighborhood Mailings is only 18.5 cents each.

If at any time you have difficulty, please feel free to call us at (360) 326-8896, LIVE CHAT or email info@justuschiropracticmarketing.com. We can take your order over the phone if that is easier for you as well.


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